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If you’re optimising your business and want to grow it faster, find new markets and new target groups, create new products and services, develop your salespeople and marketers and improve the quality of your services, if you’re looking for a way to reduce costs and increase efficiency or if you need to work with your sales network and marketing team in any other way, we can provide the knowledge of excellent and seasoned professionals who focus on implementation and outcomes. We know that implementation is always the most painful step, which is why we are here to guide you through it. We understand business and marketing from A to Z, and when we start a project, we don’t miss anything. In many markets, it’s still possible to become number one, and we can help you get there.


In fast-changing companies, managers are often too overburdened to be able to stop for a while and think which way to go. Large companies are often stuck in their comfort zone and see change as their greatest enemy, even though they keep trying to pretend change is their life. It’s always more efficient to work with people and give them a chance and develop their strengths rather than forcing them to adopt new approaches. If you need to be clear about your Visions, Missions, Strategy and Values, learn how to use them and how to live them, we are here for you. We use a varied range of approaches and proven techniques and have the experience to know when to apply them. We’ve been successful many times before and our enthusiasm and commitment will help you rise to the top.


We’ve done several digitalisation projects and we’re strong in the area of implementation. If you’re interested in the possibilities of digitalisation, if you want to get your products and services on the screens of any device anywhere in the world, in any language and on any platform, we can do it. And much more than that. Together with you, we will define and analyse your digital opportunities and show you new ideas, thoughts, possibilities and directions. We’ll walk through everything with you, do the calculations and prepare everything so that you can decide. Once we have your agreement, we will deliver you the projects you need in excellent quality and on time. We can work with your team or utilise our own resources. Either way, together we can do this.

About us

Kogi is the only Native American tribe to have survived Columbus’ invasion of America and maintained its original traditions, rituals and way of life to this day. It entered our life in 2007 through a three-year-old boy and since then we’ve been writing this story together. We will be happy to tell you more about this part of the story in person.
Even though the facts about the life and history of the Kogi are difficult to establish, their values and their view of life, the universe, god and the role of humans on Earth are so significant that they have greatly changed our lives for the better.
Thanks to this approach, a successful financial manager and a successful business consultant joined forces to create a company whose practices are unlike anything else you’ll find on the market. Meeting with Kogi is always a unique experience, regardless of whether you’re a client, employee, partner or supplier.




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Managing Partner

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